Services for american citizens


Overweight and IVF

Being overweight or underweight can impact negatively your fertility. Our fertility clinic in Guatemala has partner with iBariHealth, an american company which main goal is to help our american patients to lose weight and be prepared for IVF in Guatemala.


For more information, please watch iBariHealth’s presentation:



BellaCura – Excellence in Concierge Medical Care

BellaCura - Concierge Medical Care

Medical tourism provides patients the opportunity to seek out the latest advances in medical procedures from around the world. Thanks to Internet technology, more affordable international travel and major advances in medical science, medical tourism is becoming less of a novelty and more of a global trend.


If your are planning to travel to Guatemala for IVF treatment, you can travel with confidence knowing BellaCura is there every step of the way to:

  • Coordinate any travel related needs with you and Centro Procrea.
  • Provide a nurse to travel with you to manage your safety and well being including your recovery.
  • Access to medical specialists for emergency assistance.


Other available services include:

  • Emergency medical financial guarantees.
  • Embassy/Consulate referral.
  • Prescription replacement.
  • Emergency translation/interpretation services.
  • Lost document assistance.


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